Knife skills

  • Would you like to learn which knives to use when?
  • Have you always envied chefs who can chop and dice at breathtaking speed?
  • Do your knives need sharpening and would you like some tips on how to keep them in top condition?
  • Are there different ways to chop different fruit and vegetables?

All of these questions and more will be covered in a half-day group session, starting with an introduction to the different types of knives and their uses. We will then move onto the different cutting methods: I will show you how to slice or chop an onion, how to prepare julienne, brunoise and other professional vegetable cuts. We will also segment some citrus fruits and make apple and melon balls, before preparing a couple of traditional sauces (which do not need cooking), and can be used in salads with the vegetables we have prepared. We will slice vegetables for pickling and finish the day by preparing a number of delicious salads, which you can then take home with you to enjoy.

There is an optional knife-sharpening service either on the day of the class or the day before.