UK for Cooks

Great Britain is an exciting culinary destination! We have selected three corners of this beautiful country to showcase the abundance of local produce and spectacular natural surroundings. 

Wales and the Cotswolds for Cooks

The tour starts with Oxford's dreaming spires and 18th-century covered market and continues on through bucolic Cotswolds villages to the wild Pembrokeshire coast where we forage and cook fresh seafood.  Highlights include a punt along the river and picnic and cider-tasting in an apple orchard.

The North of England for Cooks

From York's medieval heart this journey takes you from a grand ancestral estate to the Cumbrian hill farm of famous children's author Beatrix Potter where heritage breeds are reared. Highlights include artisan cheesemakers in the Lake District, local Yorkshire brewers and an inventive Michelin-starred restaurant.

London and the East of England for Cooks

Seafood and street food feature on this tour from bustling Billingsgate market in London to a walking tour of the capital's East End. On the wild Norfolk coast with its endless sandy beaches we take a lobster safari with local fishermen, a seafood cookery masterclass - and visit a mustard museum.